My name is Amy Softa and you might know me from life in general or my other blog, Read What I Like.  On December 19th, 2016 I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer and upon the recommendation of a friend I decided to start this blog.  If you are at all familiar with Read What I Like please be aware that this blog will be different.  What I’m Dealing With is a place for me to journal the events and feelings of my treatment.  A place for me to go and dump everything I am facing and feeling so I don’t have to constantly over-share on Facebook.  This is also a place for family and friends to follow my progress and receive updates.  Lastly, I also hope that this blog might help others in some way, I don’t know how yet haven’t figured that part out….  I’m a pretty open and honest person.  I don’t draw too many lines as to what I won’t share so please be aware that I might talk about issues or topics some might find too graphic or personal.  I am going to leave the comments open, for now, but if I feel things are getting out of hand I am not above blocking and deleting.

This is my space.  These are my feelings.  This is my journey.