…going to doctor appointments and haven’t felt like posting which isn’t really fair to those of you still following the blog.  I’ve shared on my personal Facebook page some of the updates but haven’t been in the mood to post a full-length blog post.  Even though I should since this is a way for me to keep track of the appointments and their results.

To start with the colonoscopy went fine.  He found no polyps and it was simply a bleeding hernia that was causing my problems.  He said I was good for another 10 years.  So yay.  The procedure itself was fine,  I don’t remember any of it actually.  There is a ghost of a memory of someone saying my name and possibly saying they were almost done but truly I don’t remember anything really.  I remember going in turning to my side and looking at my hands after they gave me the sedative.  Next thing I know I’m back in the recovery room and feeling pretty loopy as I talked to my husband.  After about 15 minutes I spoke to the doctor and then I was out the door.  I’m glad I had it done. The prep wasn’t any fun but even that wasn’t too bad.  It was a great way to clean out all the bad gut bacteria and replace it with healthy ones.

The other doctor, the rheumatologist, is another story altogether….  He wanted to see me almost every week this month!  I’m still no closer to a diagnosis either.  Tons of blood work too.  He is trying to get to the bottom of my low-grade inflammation that is causing some joint pain.  I have started to clean up my diet and it has helped so he isn’t putting me on any medicine yet.  Well, he did mention I could try a steroid or cleaning up the diet.  I opted for the steroid but once I learned all the possible side effects I didn’t want to take it.  Besides the inflammation, which was better in the last blood test he took, I have a low white blood cell count and there is something else that is low that I forget.  He is going to let me go for a month then I am to come back for more blood work.   On my own, I am taking some anti-inflammatory supplements and eliminating bread, dairy, and as much sugar as possible.

On the whole, I do feel better.  My only complaint I currently have is that my left elbow hurts most of the time and has some weakness.  I am struggling to pick things up and it aches like a bitch when I wake up and after I read or play on my phone.  I think I probably have tennis elbow.  The main problem is when I see the doctor it doesn’t hurt but when I’m at home or after doing some yard work I’m in serious pain.  I will be bringing this up with him next time because it is simply not getting better.

So that is all that has been going on health wise.  I have another appointment in Iowa City in the end of October.  At that one, I might ask them if I can go to their outreach clinic in Davenport to save some drive.

Thanks for listening.


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