So,  I ended up needing to call for an update on my blood work.  All of it came back normal, don’t know the specific numbers but I had already talked about this possibility with my doctor.  He told me it was a possibility and I already knew that the disease is difficult to diagnose.  So I asked the nurse to go ahead and set me up for a lip biopsy, she is going to call me back with an appointment time and day.  I don’t have cell phone signal right now so I might not know until I get home tonight.

I continued to have blood in my stool, graphic I know…, so I also called and said hey I know we kind of glossed over this and never came back once we started talking about sjogren’s but I’m still having problems.  So she called and made me an appointment with a GI doctor and I am seeing them on the 28th of this month.

Neither appointment will be fun,  one will be a painful test the other an embarrassing exam but know what I’m over it.  I don’t care what my weight or BP is or what I look like I don’t feel well and need to get to the bottom of what is wrong.  So I’m sucking it up and going to the doctor and dealing with uncomfortable topics like my bowels.  It’s called adulting.

I’m not sure I mentioned it but I let my doctor talk me into going on to estrogen.  It is a case of you are damned if you do damned if you don’t and right now damned if you don’t isn’t working for me.  So he started me out on a medium dose of the generic and I seem to be responding well to it.  The hot flashes haven’t gone away in a week, not that I thought they would, but my mood seems to be leveling out.  I have also been working on cleaning up my diet; cutting all gluten and grains, artificial sugar, legumes, and dairy.  I could go stricter and cut out nightshades, nuts, and eggs but I need to have something I can eat and quite frankly bread, sugar, and cheese is my worst offenders anyway.

I do feel like it is helping.  I have a bit more energy and I’m not as depressed.  I’m still having some joint pain but my mouth and eye dryness are a bit better, but that seemed to go in cycles so maybe I’m just on the good side of the current cycle.

So I’m feeling a bit better.  The heat is bothering me and everyone else in Eastern Iowa at the moment and I’m spending my time on the couch keeping cool.  Sleeping down there too as the second floor is just too hot for me.  Not to mention that two people in the bedroom and three cats make for a lot of extra body heat.

A big thank you to the Creative Arts ladies that I work at the fair with each year.  They noticed I’m down or not quite myself and surprised me with a cake, cards, and flowers on the last day of the fair, a day before my birthday.  It was very sweet and I was not expecting anything like that.  Sorry if I was a pill to deal with this year.  Hopefully, things will be straightened out for next year.


Thanks for listening…


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