Sorry, I forgot to share about how my appointment went on my blog.  With the husband having the week off for the Fourth I didn’t spend much time inside or on the computer.  We used the week to work on several projects around our property.  Some we even managed to finish!

Anyway, everything went fine and everything looked good I’m scheduled to go back at the end of October to Iowa City.  I think that I might ask if I could go to their outreach clinic in the Quad Cities after that, shorter drive. The nurse practitioner was super nice, and female, so nice to not have a male Dr checking out my vagina this time.  I have checked my report in my online chart and I even received good notes from the woman I saw.

We talked about my symptoms and most of them were typical and, for now, I’m not going to go on any medication.  Two symptoms dry mouth and dry eye were new to her but I have heard other women mention them.  Including one commenter to the blog!  Hello there, so sorry I didn’t reply back but I’m notoriously awful about replying to comments on my blogs…  I do appreciate all feedback, however!  Thanks for sharing and I have shared it with others as well.

Another symptom that I probably should have discussed at greater length at my appointment is this bout of depression I am currently stuck in.  If I don’t snap out of it soon I really need to go see my general practitioner and have my thyroid checked again and see if he can recommend me to a therapist.  I’m hoping it is just the adjustment to new hormone levels and recovery from surgery that is the main source of the black cloud following me around.  I don’t want to bitch too much about because there is such a stigma in society and the vibe I get from most people is just snap out of it.  Or it’s just because you had surgery or only you can get yourself out of this funk…  All kinds of crap that simply makes me want to avoid people altogether.

I’m depressed it is as simple as that and I keep waiting for it to lift but it doesn’t seem to be so I have a feeling I will probably need to go talk to someone.  But it is so much easier to simply stay home and avoid people.  I would absolutely love it if I could just stay home and work on this but I need to work.  I need to take care of the animals. I need to pay bills and do chores.  Everything just takes so much energy though and when I do find time for myself I just want to sleep or veg on the couch watching YouTube.

Okay, enough, I don’t really want to talk about it because even I want to call myself out on my crappy attitude.  Either go see somebody or suck it up and deal with life.  Everyone has tough times.  Everyone feels sad and frustrated and loses interest in activities from time to time.  Just shut up and deal.

This is where I’m ending this pity party.  The appointment went well and I don’t have to see them for another four months.  The rest was just venting…


One thought on “Ops. I forgot to update.

  1. Glad the appointment went well. That is good news. Sorry no advice on the depression, just hope that we gave you something to smile about the other day and that you enjoyed the card shower.


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