Here’s to all the childfree women in the world:

You love your life.  You know yourself well enough to know that you don’t want or need children to live a full and rich life.  You contribute much to this world and your family.  Be it just the two of you or all on your own.  You do the same chores, pay the same bills, hold everything together and get no appreciation because you chose not to have children.  You are beautiful and deserve the same respect as all those moms out there.  I see you. I value your contribution to society.

Here’s to all the childless women of the world:

Every Mother’s Day is simply a reminder of what you don’t have yet desperately wanted.  To be a mother.  You live with this loss every single day but this time of year makes it so much worse.   It’s not fair.  It’s not right. It’s not your fault.  Nothing anyone can say or do will make this injustice right.  Know this, though, like the childfree women you are just as valued and appreciated because you too are a strong beautiful woman.

Here’s to all the pet moms of the world:

You love your babies.  Be it they have fur or feathers or scales or whatever.  Those non-human children bring you so much love and light no matter how long they are in your life.  You see unlike mothers of human children you know, most of the time, you are going to lose your baby someday.  Until that dreaded day, however, your time together is spent surrounded with unconditional love.  You clean up after them, see to their education, their health, and eventually make the decision to end their suffering and you get absolutely no societal benefits a traditional mother sees.  I see you too and know that you make a difference to your children’s lives.  You help make the world a better place.

Here’s to all that have lost their mothers:

Mother’s Day sucks for you too.  It is just another reminder of what you no longer have in your life.  Be it your first or 30th mother’s day since she passed, it doesn’t get easier.  When life gets tough you know she isn’t there anymore to turn to. She also isn’t there to see all the joy in your life either.  It’s okay to feel resentment today.  It’s also okay to sit at home and eat a pint of ice cream in her honor!  Know that she loved you and you loved her and it’s okay to miss her.

Here’s to all the children of bad mothers:

Today sucks for a whole other reason for you.  Your mother wasn’t so great, perhaps even abusive and here we are again with society telling you that it is time to honor her for all she has done.  What a crock!  She doesn’t deserve it, right?  Know that you are under no obligation to do a damn thing on Mother’s Day.  You are not a bad person.  You have a strength that others simply don’t get.  You survived.  Today is your day to realize that.  You made it and became a fully functioning member of society despite it all.

We as a society should be honoring all women.  Singling out only those that gave birth or choose to raise children sends a signal that the rest don’t matter, that their contributions don’t measure up.  So this Mother’s Day I honor all of us who are left out in America (because we don’t celebrate the International Woman’s Day like the rest of the world…).  We are just as important and deserve recognition too.  Thank you for all you’ve done.


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