It’s called: Is it menopause?

Let’s play, shall we? Goes like this, take a symptom you have and try to figure out if it menopause or something else.

Dry eyes: Is it menopause or spring allergies?

Electric current feeling under my skin: Is it menopause or is it some sort of neurological problem?

Exhausted: Is it menopause or still recovering from surgery or just because I’m 60 pounds heavier than I used to be…?

Dizzy: Is it menopause or allergies or a sinus infection or high blood pressure or the fact that I hit my head five times cleaning out the new chicken coop?

Wasn’t that fun?  You to can play this game all you need to do is have your uterus and ovaries removed for the low price of $30,000*


*without insurance, prices may vary from state to state and congratulations you now have a preexisting condition that asshole insurance companies that bought off our asshole politicians can now hold over your head and use to deny you coverage for the rest of your life!


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