…to your normal broadcasting.

Yesterday was my five-week post-op check up and I passed with flying colors.  The doctor told me I had the best possible outcome for uterine cancer, Grade one Stage one with no spread beyond the endometrial lining.  We caught this as early as possible and I handled the surgery well.  I have been released to normal activities except for sex as I still have stitches in my vaginal cuff, which is not unheard of.  (Sorry for the TMI)  I was even given the clearing for lifting those 50-pound grain bags, although after the doctor left the nurse cautioned me from doing too much too soon.  I tend to agree with her and will take over all my chores besides moving grain.  I have contacted work and hope to return next week which is great as I miss the library and my paycheck…

Moving forward I will need to visit the doctor in Iowa City every three to four months for the first two years and then every six months for the next three.  They own me for the next five years.  I’m good with that as if cancer comes back I want to be with the cancer specialists.

We did discuss menopause at the appointment and I was surprised to learn he wasn’t against me going on hormones but that he would not prescribe anything until after 12 weeks.  That gives the body a chance to adjust to the sudden change and if I’m still having problems we can address it then.  He said there were some benefits to going on hormones in regards to bone loss, heart disease, and libido.  I told him I was leaning more towards natural over-the-counter treatments for symptoms (didn’t think HRT would even be an option).  At first I was open to the idea of HRT then I started hearing all kind of reasons why I shouldn’t online which has left me nothing but confused.  So that means I need to do some research.  I know that my doctor is open to either path of treating menopause and I need to decide what is right for me.  I know that hormones will increase the chance of Breast Cancer but not taking them increases the risk of Heart Disease (something that does run in my family).  I have the weight the pros and cons and decide what I want to do.  For now I live with the hot flashes.  I have had as many as 30 in a day but the past few days it has been way fewer.  If I can get to the point where I am only having five or less a day I can live with that.  As to sex drive we will need to wait and see on that and in regards to the blog this will be the last you hear of it because it is not just my sex life but that of my husband’s as well.

So now I return to my normal activities.  I have decided I need to focus on my weight again.  I know it is going to be a bigger challenge now that I am in menopause but I need to try.  Actually, I need to exercise and eat right for my health screw that number on the scale or my pants size.  I’m fat, get over it.  I have someone who loves and accepts me as I am.  My blood pressure was high at my appointment, though, and I know walking will bring that down without drugs for me so I guess that means I need to get that hour in each day…

On the 13th I have a mammogram scheduled.  Was supposed to have it back in January but I wanted to deal with one thing at a time.  I really want to bury my head in the sand and say I’ll deal with it next year but this cancer diagnoses has taught me that I need to have these tests now.  It is so much better to catch it early.

As to this blog, I will continue to share my journey and give you updates over the next five years.  If nothing is going on I won’t have a lot to share, though.  Expect more post on my struggle with menopause and I will be sure to post how the mammogram goes.

Thanks for listening.


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