…Did you think I disappeared?

I haven’t  still recovering at home with 12 days left before my follow-up appointment on March 1st.  Haven’t shared anything because there isn’t much to share.  I don’t think I am going to learn the staging of my cancer before my appointment because I’ve heard nothing from Iowa City.  That’s fine, I guess, they kind of insinuated that they wouldn’t reach out to me if the prognosis was what they though after surgery.  Basically what I’m choosing to believe is if there had been anything alarming that I needed further treatment for they would have contacted me to start treatment.  So I am going to live by the philosophy of no news is good news.

So yeah…  I’ve been dividing my time between reading, knitting, internet surfing, and playing sims 3. Haven’t really watched many movies, although I did the other day when I listed items on eBay, or ventured outside much.  The next few days is going to be warmer so I am going to take kittens outside to play and run off steam.  I have been to town twice one short trip and one entire day out which did tire me some but not as much as I thought it would and I felt fine the next day.  I’ve been working on getting off the pain med slowly.  I have given up Tylenol except for when I have discomfort between Ibuprophin doses.  I am still taking that regularly because I figure the anti-inflammatory aspect is probably still important/helpful.

Over the last few weeks, things have been good.  The only real complaint I have, and if you follow me on Facebook you already know this, has been that menopause sucks.  Sucks the big one.   The hot flashes during the day have slowed down and I know now that they are triggered by eating (for me). Night sweats are a whole other story they only seem to be getting worse. It has begun to affect my sleep and the goal for this coming weekend is to find 100% cotton bedding.  I hate waking up freezing cold and smelly and tired from having been up several times over the night.  I know it will go away eventually and I am very early into this instant menopause but I am so over it already.  I just hope it doesn’t take years.  I am going to discuss herbal remedies, black cohosh, with the doctor at my appointment.  I know he will most likely won’t want me to take hormones and quite frankly I’m okay with that but there has to be something that can be done so I, and the husband, can get a good night’s sleep.

So basically I survived the hysterectomy but might not survive menopause…

Still relatively pain-free, incisions are healing nicely and I’ve not had any spotting since I left the hospital.  I have been starting up some chores again like dishes.  If I can carry a plate to the living room or cook my own meal I can stand at the sink and load the dishwasher.  If there is something heavy, though, I do ask husband to lift it like the silverware basket.  I have done a load of laundry just a couple of lap blankets that the kittens peed on…. Two of them have gone into heat and are marking.  Guess what is happening to them next Tuesday?  That’s right, we all are going to be recovering from hysterectomies.  Besides the peeing, that has to stop, this is also a good time as I will be home for them for at least a week to look after them.

Again thank you for all the support and I will be sure to post what I know when I know it but quite frankly I don’t think I am going to know much until my follow-up appointment.


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