Greetings everyone.

I was going to post something yesterday but decided to hold out until the one week mark.

So, how am I doing? Really well actually.  I continue to have no real pain or other issues.  I was able to handle the stairs without any issue, I moved out of the bedroom after four days and am now spending my time on the couch.  I haven’t been outside yet but that is mainly because it is cold and I don’t want to put on winter gear.

I feel fine and I can tell that I have no pain anymore.  Which has led to the question of just how long do I take my pain medicine?  I am going to continue as scheduled through the end of this week because I am a little uncomfortable in my bladder which is a result of the catheter.  I have reduced myself to one stool softener per day because quite frankly that has never been a real issue for me.  If anything I tend to run the other way.  The one laxative was a definite mistake and ended up causing such stomach cramps that I regretted even buying the medicine. I do continue to use my toilet seat booster because if I don’t it does feel like I have some tugging on internal stitches from sitting too low.  I’m not tired either.  I have taken a couple of naps but most nights I am up as long as my husband is. I’m napping out of boredom no out of exhaustion.

Basically, the next four weeks are going to feel like an eternity as I continue to have limited activities and give myself time to heal.  I wish the doctor had not scheduled my followup appointment for the five-week mark because I feel like I will be ready to return to normal activities and work sooner than that.  Maybe not lifting 50-pound bags of grain or bales of hay but I could shelve books one at a time and the walking back and forth would be good for me.  But I am going to listen to the doctor’s recommendations to be on the safe side because I do not want to rip or hinder my healing in any way.

I am relieved to not have any pain after my hysterectomy and thankful that it is able to be controlled with over the counter medicine.  I do have some harder stuff but don’t really want to even touch it.  One thing that I did not escape with my hysterectomy, however, is menopause.  I began experiencing symptoms a day or two after surgery.  I have been getting hot flashes after I eat and have had some spells of night sweats as I figure out just how much bedding is too much and too little.  Last night was my first bout of brain fog which was gone by morning.  I think continuing to write things down is going to be a habit I continue for the foreseeable future…

From my understanding patients that had a hysterectomy because of cancer are not given the option to take hormones.  Which is fine with me as I don’t want to develop other cancers.  I am going to talk to him about herbal remedies to help combat the hot flashes and night sweats, though.  I should probably write that down, five weeks is a long time to remember all my questions.

Emotionally, how am I feeling?  Still good.  I don’t miss my uterus at all, this is something I should have done a long time ago.  I never planned to use the organ and was tired of the monthly emotional roller coaster and bleeding.  I was looking forward to menopause already and for me, this is a non-issue. I do wonder what to do with the Target bag of sanitary napkins that I will no longer need.  Maybe they can be used for bladder control which I hear can be an issue after this surgery and the onset of menopause.

So there you have it.  I’m being good, not pushing things too much.  Have little pain and no fevers.  I have gained a bit of weight but that is bound to happen when you graze all day and don’t move much.  See you next week for another recovery update I might have information about the staging by then.


One thought on “One Week Post-Op: No Big Deal

  1. Glad to hear that your recovery is going fairly well. Take the 4 more weeks and get caught up on your reading or knitting or movie binging. 🙂
    Suggestions for the Target bag, how about donating it to a women’s shelter or something like that. Not sure if a middle school or high school would appreciate the donation (I know I keep stuff in my desk drawer for girls that may need something)

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