Well, I was right.  Another period started today.  Not sure how bad it will be yet but I’m prepared.  Just think I could have avoided this if I had my surgery last Thursday as planned… I sure am looking forward to the day my uterus and I part ways for this very reason.  I have been over this whole monthly cycle for some time now and I’m ready for it to be done.

I’ve gotten three days of walking in and I’ve discovered that I still hate exercise.  Yep,  still sucks the big one.  I’ll get over it.  I used to exercise regularly when I was actively losing weight.  I’ve lost over 200 pounds in my life, without surgery.  I used to eat better too.  So I know what to do it is simply a matter of getting back in the habit again.  I used to tell myself one hour of exercise a day is only 2% of your day.  Not so bad when you realize you still spend more hours not exercising than working out.  This time around I am listening to an audio book instead of peppy music.  I’m still unsure about pushing it too much, getting dizzy or light-headed.  So I am keeping a slightly slower pace of 3 miles per hour and just making sure I move.  I won’t be losing tons of weight but I’m alright with that.  It is about conditioning my heart not fitting into a smaller size.

I received flowers yesterday.  From someone that didn’t realize my surgery had been rescheduled.  It was very sweet and I called to thank her and to explain why she will still see me around town the next two weeks… The plus side is now I get to enjoy the flowers while feeling relatively well and I can even take them to the library, where I work, for everyone to enjoy.

Went shopping yesterday and bought myself something.  Yarn!  I used to knit regularly and decided it might be a good activity for when I’m recovering.  Something I can do with my hands when I’m not in the mood to read, or too foggy to read.  I did start a scarf but wasn’t really into the colors and wanted a bigger project that would take longer.  So I started a blanket.  I have knit several blankets in my life but never one for myself.  That changes now.  I picked out a lovely orchid shade and a teal green as well as some variegated thread and started yesterday with a simple stitch pattern that doesn’t involve a lot of paying attention.

So that’s where I am today.  Husband works and I am going to hang out at home and try to relax.  I feel like my life has become nothing but waiting.  Waiting for surgery, waiting for results, waiting to recover.  I need to learn to enjoy the down time and simple pleasures but man I much rather be waiting for something like an exotic vacation….

Thank for listening.


One thought on “17 Days Until Surgery

  1. What a stressful time, knitting or similar is always good to occupy the time or take the mind off of something, even just for a very short while. Exercise? Well I turned down the offer of delivered pizza tonigh and instead walk to the supermarket to bring groceries and then cooked fish and vegetables. I feel so much better for it, I’m not a huge fan of pushing hard and apparently it’s not that good for you either. But walking for an hour with an audio book sounds perfect too. All the best 👍💐🌸🌺🌹🌷


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