Alright, 2017, let’s try to get along, shall we?  I let myself vent a bit yesterday and while it didn’t change anything or really make me feel a whole lot better I think I needed to.  Last year sucked and I don’t plan to pretend it didn’t.

But this is a brand new year let’s give it a chance.  All of this crap with new year’s resolutions or new beginnings is so arbitrary anyway. It’s not like problems go away with the changing of a calendar.  It’s 2017 and I still have cancer.  I’m still going to have a total hysterectomy.  I’m still going to be off work for weeks and not contributing financially to our family.  My husband’s workload has still increased thanks to my diagnosis.  It still all sucks.

That being said. Let’s try looking at the bright side.  I can officially never get pregnant (for me that is a huge plus). I will never have another period. I will get a lot of reading in.  My husband is here to support me and loves me.  I will still be able to type and can help list stuff on eBay.  If I want to wear PJs for the next six weeks I can.

Now, what do I hope 2017 brings?  I hope to be cancer free after my surgery.  I hope for a speedy and smooth recovery.  I hope to return to work after a month.  I hope there are no complications with my surgery.  I hope menopause is kind to me.  I hope our eBay sales make up for my lost income.  I hope my husband still loves me by the end of all this.  I hope I don’t die.


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